Disaster Preparedness Meeting and Halloween Fun!

Oct 18, 2019 in Events, Neighbor News, Public Meetings

Sunday, 10/20/2019
4:30pm – 5:30pm
Arlene Francis Center
99 6th St, Santa Rosa

Have the recent power shutoffs and nearby earthquakes left you feeling a bit anxious? Are you prepared for a disaster?

A group of West End neighbors have been working on disaster preparedness plans. Join us for our next meeting, focused on earthquakes. In this session we will provide information about:

  • How to protect yourself in your house.
  • What you need to do now to keep communication with family members.
  • Define a meeting place.
  • What to have packed by the door.
  • What to have ready to eat and drink.
  • Pets – plan ahead.
  • Know which neighbors may need extra help.

Bring a couple of neighbors and please RSVP to Sheila Bell

Thursday, 10/31/2019
5:30pm – 8pm
Coulter Street (between West 8th and Boyce)

  • Have you ever danced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with your neighbors? We have!
  • Have you tried to snag a donut off a swinging string (no hands)?  We do!
  • Been spooked in a haunted bus? So cool!
  • Hoola hooped in the street? Yee haw!
  • Paraded with a giant eyeball? That was last year!
  • Danced down Boyce street? Yup!
  • Launched rolling tires into hoola hoops? Woo hoo!

The West End is known for its historic Italian homes, the aroma of the Franco American Bakery,  Bocce Nights at De Meo Park, the beautiful DeTurk Round Barn, our fierce advocacy, and a general sense of community.  But community doesn’t happen without coming together – to foster connection, laugh with our neighbors, and be a little bit festive. This year marks our 9th year (yes nine years!) of coming together to celebrate the strange, magical and mysterious holiday of Halloween in the West End. There is no better place to bring your kids, your grandma, your dog, or just yourself. All are welcome. Costumes appreciated but not required.

Join ghosts, goblins, princesses, and fairies at the 9th Annual West End Halloween Block Party and Parade on Coulter Street (between West 8th and Boyce) on 10/31 from 5:30-8pm. We will gather to stuff our faces with cheese and crackers, goggle at one another’s amazing costumes at 5:30pm, parade around the block at 6pm and then hit the streets to get candy on your own trick-or-treating as you (or your younger appendages) wish. Well behaved pets totally welcome, as well as well behaved children of course. Adults – best beware.

Please feel free to bring a healthy snack to contribute (think oranges, carrot sticks, or cheese– there will be plenty of sugar everywhere else that night). Or if you have an extra table, a good party game, some mad skills party trick or party idea, let Veronica Jordan know.

Invite friends (you certainly don’t have to live in the neighborhood to attend, but if you do, you have NO excuse). Dress up. Be silly. Don’t miss it. Heavy rain will cancel, light rain the show must go on!