DeMeo Park Fence, Cannabis Facility, W 7th St. Market

Feb 13, 2017 in Development & projects, Events, Neighbor News

DeMeo Park Improvement– The City of Santa Rosa is finally repairing the wooden picket fence that surrounds our beautiful park. It’s been in a sad state for some time now, but it will look great when it is done.

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Cannabis Cultivation Facility distributes flyers in West End- Do you support this type of facility near our neighborhood?…. especially when it is proposed in an area earmarked for housing?  Rents have soared and people can’t find housing because there is a great shortage so the City of Santa Rosa has placed housing as a priority. The Maxwell Court Area, next to the West End, is earmarked to be high-density housing. How does this proposed Cannabis Cultivation with on-site guards fit into this picture? There will be on-site guards but would you be comfortable with your family living next door? Can a great neighborhood be built with this in the midst? Weigh in- or a decision could be made that once again prevents more housing to become a reality.  If we don’t concentrate on creating housing- the cycle will continue. How to give input:  Contact Clare Hartman, City of SR Deputy Director- Planning  (707) 543-3185

7th Street Market News– There is a new owner for our neighborhood store at the corner of W. 7th and Madison. The store will be called Quick Pick Market.  It is a concern that the Quick Pick Market will highlight beer, wine, cigarettes and junk good and cigarettes similar to its other location at 925 Corporate Center Parkway. Neighbors are hopeful that this store will remain a true neighborhood market- but so far, under the new ownership, the building has been given two stop work orders for work done without permits.

Liquor Stores are not Neighborhood Friendly

Liquor Stores are not Neighborhood Friendly

Santa Rosa’s DeTurk Winery Village project advances- Press DemocratCity Council gives project approval and glowing praise in spite of serious lack of parking and neighbors concern.

City Council ignores parking issues in our neighborhood and approves project.

City Council ignores parking issues in our neighborhood and approves project.


February 28th, Tuesday at 5:30- Tales of the Santa Rosa Police. The Historical Society invites you to join us for another of our history talks.  As with all of our events reservations are required as seating is limited. To make reservations please email your intent to


Railroad Square Hotel Project– A 5 story, 144 room hotel is being proposed in Historic Railroad Square. There will be a public hearing on February 21st, Tuesday at or after 5 p.m. Notice of Public Hearing

5thSt hotel

Upcoming Noteworthy Events (reserve your space now):

May 23rd, Tuesday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.- The West End – It’s Italian Heritage & The Railroads. Take a fascinating tour on Rosie the Trolley and visit some of Santa Rosa’s most interesting historical sites. This tour is hosted by Santa Rosa’s most charismatic historian, Bill Montgomery. You will visit some of our local treasures including the DeTurk Round Barn, Church of One Tree, the Rosa Memorial Stone, and Carrillo Adobe. A comprehensive history of Santa Rosa from the early 1800’s to the great earthquake will be discussed. Participants will take a few short walks to get a better view of historical sites. A personal water bottle is recommended. Location: Board Rosie the Trolley at the Howarth Park Playland Store.

September 15 & 16th Friday & Saturday evenings- Lamplight Tour at S R Rural Cemetery Walk at night through Santa Rosa’s oldest cemetery to see and hear all new dramatic portrayals of some of our town’s early settlers. Lights, costumes and stage settings create a magical time as characters from the past depict a scene from their lives in the history of Santa Rosa, California and the United States. Children must be age 8 or over. Tours last about 90 minutes. Pre-registration required; click here to purchase tickets. Book early–tours sell out by midsummer! $35  Rain or shine Location: SRRC 1600 Franklin Ave.

West End Neighborhood Sponsors are West End resident owned or West End/Railroad Square area businesses. As sponsors, they support our neighborhood’s activities and events and as loyal customers we help their businesses prosper.

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