West End Meeting This Thursday Nov. 20th at 7 p.m.

Nov 18, 2014 in Public Meetings

See you Thursday Night at the meeting!

See you Thursday Night at the meeting!

November 20th, Thursday at 7 p.m.  W.E. Neighborhood Assn. Fall MeetingWe have two official meetings every year at DeTurk Round Barn. Spend a few hours to catch up on the latest neighborhood news, meet new neighbors and enjoy the community of the West End. Our special guest is Randy Barron, a City of SR Water Resource Specialist. He is the program manager for the Green exchange (Cash for Grass) and Rainwater Harvesting rebate program.  FACEBOOK  Location: DeTurk Round Barn


Great News! Santa Rosa Police and Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition Partner to Curb Bicycle Theft

The SRPD & So. Co. Bicycle coalition have joined forces to address the issue of rampant bicycle theft in our community. So far in 2014, there have been over 180 incidents of bicycle theft reported. Frequently, bicycles are stolen from victims’ yards, unlocked or open garages, businesses, or unsecured bicycle parking areas. Many times, bicycle owners don’t think to keep track of serial numbers for their bicycles until it’s too late and the bicycle has been stolen and these incidents go unreported because of the lack of information available to solve the cases.

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition offers a variety of resources for ways to prevent your bike from getting stolen such as proper locking methods, and also offers a free service to register your bike with its description and serial number to maximize the likelihood of your bike being recovered if it is stolen. More information about these resources can be found at www.bikesonoma.org/bike-theft.

In addition, they will be increasing efforts through a variety of operations to identify and apprehend bike thieves in our community and recover previously stolen bicycles. Operations such as the use of a “bait bike” allow officers the ability to catch thieves in the act and/or potentially discover the location of bicycle “chop shops” in order to recover a larger quantity of stolen bicycles and bike parts. “We want to communicate to would-be bike thieves that they’ll never know until it’s too late if the bike they’re stealing is a bait bike that’s going to land them in jail. In fact, they may not even know they’ve stolen a bait bike until they think they’re safely back at their nest and we come knocking,” said Acting Chief Hank Schreeder.

Through education and prevention as well as enforcement and recovery, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the Santa Rosa Police Department are confident that we can make significant progress in the fight against this community problem.


West End Neighborhood Association sponsors are locally owned business that support our community. We can return the favor by shopping, eating or using the services of our wonderful local sponsors.

Dr. Gary Wong is a West End Sponsor

Dr. Gary Wong is a West End Sponsor

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