The seasons are changing, the days are shorter but the West End neighborhood always has ways to celebrate community living in downtown Santa Rosa, next to Historic Railroad Square.

Every Sunday UNTIL DECEMBER 14th– West End Farmers Market Six more weeks to enjoy shopping, eating, listening to music and socializing in our community friendly outdoor market. Help support our local economy by buying directly from the person who grows or makes your food. Delight your friends and family by buying local, handmade, unique products for the holidays. Location: Donahue Street- between Boyce & W. 9th St.

Buy your food directly from the farmer- Handlebar Farm

Buy your food directly from the farmer- Handlebar Farm

November 7th, Friday at 5:30 to 8 p.m.- Will Smith Art Show. On view for the first time in Santa Rosa are the motion drawings and prints by local artist William Smith. Inspired by his passion for cartoons and graphic work, William explores the folly of human nature with his darkly humorous, occasionally nightmarish, mythological beings. Each character, rendered in repeating, rhythmic contour lines is an archetype for various personality traits and roles ranging from the Sisyphus inspired Dilemma to the alluring and haunting siren belly dancer with tentacle arms. The exhibition includes drawings, linocuts and hand-colored lithographs. Facebook Location: The Yard 9th & Wilson

Wil Smith

November 9th, Sunday at 3 p.m. The West End Poodle Party. It’s time for the Poodles to party! The West End Poodle Party meets the 2nd Sunday of every month. All Poodles, Poodle-fusions and Poodle friendly dogs are invited to attend. Facebook Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park- Donahue and Boyce Streets


November 15th, Saturday at 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.- SOFA District’s 10th annual winter Arts Festival, Parade and Street Fair featuring the parade of decorated and illuminated sofas, bands on 3 stages, food, beer & wine, light shows and chaotic merriment. Facebook Location: 463 Sebastopol Ave.

Winterblast posterwb

November 20th, Thursday at 7 p.m.  W.E. Neighborhood Assn. Fall MeetingWe have two official meetings every year at DeTurk Round Barn. Spend a few hours to catch up on the latest neighborhood news, meet new neighbors and enjoy the community of the West End. FACEBOOK  Location: DeTurk Round Barn

We love S. R.- West End Neighborhood!

We love the West End Neighborhood!


November 20th, Thursday at 8:30 p.m.- “New” movie screening. The West End’s own filmmaker, John Harden has a his latest film out. It’s entitled “New”. It will be shown at the Napa Valley Film Festival Nov. 12- 16th and there will also be a special screening on November 20th at the Raven in Healdsburg. More info at:


Nov 21th – Dec 21st  Jolly Juliana – An Original Melodrama & Holiday Vaudeville A delightful, heart-warming, extravaganza commemorating the roots of American theatre; sing-a-long, hiss, boo and cheer for a villain, hero and heroine. A merry company of players will bring you a menagerie of entertainment sure to be a highlight of your holiday season. Location: 6th St. Playhouse, G.K. Hardt Theatre


November 8th, Saturday at 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 4-A Child Masquerade Ball More info at Location: DeTurk Round Barn


West End Neighborhood Association sponsors are locally owned business that support our community. We can return the favor by shopping, eating or using the services of our wonderful local sponsors.


Bikram Yoga at 522 Wilson St. is just a walk away!

The West End Neighborhood home of the West End Farmers Market, where urbanism, preservation, art and people come together! For the latest updates, crime alerts, full calendar of events and photos- go the West End Neighborhood website. Click Here!