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Nov 7, 2012 in Animals, Lost Pet, Crime Alerts, Development & projects, Entertainment, Events, Miscellany, Public Meetings

The latest news about SMART road closures (for improvements), BoDean Asphalt and a daytime robbery in a Railroad Square store. Next week, on November 15th, is our West End Neighborhood Association Fall Meeting and a DeMeo Park Clean up is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th. 

Big Plans Next Week:

November 15th, Thursday at 7 p.m.- West End Neighborhood Association Fall Meeting. Meet your friends and neighbors, get the latest neighborhood news and updates. Location: DeTurk Round Barn 819 Donahue Street

See you at the Fall W. E. Meeting at DeTurk Round Barn

November 17th, Saturday at 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.- DeMeo Park Clean Up. The West End is teaming up with Boy Scout troop is #509 to clean up DeMeo park. We plant to pick up trash, rake up leaves, clean the curbs. Bring your favorite yard tools and gloves. Contact Marge Jones for more info on Facebook or at sonomamarge@gmail.com Location: DeMeo Park at W. 7th and Polk Streets

Let’s work together to clean up DeMeo Park

BoDean Asphalt Design Review Appeal: Santa Rosa affirms approval of asphalt plant silos Press Democrat

Good to Know: SMART Road Closures in the Santa Rosa area- SMART Project – Detours, Lane Closures at SMART Railroad Crossings: Traffic Control, track replacement and road construction at various RR crossings M-F 24-Hr closings and 7:30-5:00 p.m. (Stacy & Witbeck – Herzog & BKF Engineers/Oller)  Schedule:
6th Street 11/13 to 11/16
Guerneville Rd 11/09 – 11/11 (Start at 7:00 p.m.)
9th Street 11/27 – 11/30
College Ave 11/16 – 11/18 (Start at 7:00 p.m.)
7th Street 12/10 – 12/13
8th Street 12/18 – 12/21

Railroad Square: Police search for suspects in Santa Rosa jewelry store heist Press Democrat

Events & Happenings:

November 7th, Wednesday- Drink Up Wednesdays– (After a week election day… do you feel like you need a beer?) Featuring a different brewery every week. Hosted by Brewed for Thought owner Mario Rubin  Heritage Public House 1305 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, CA Time: Show 6:30 p.m.

Drink Up Wednesdays

November 9th, Friday (Every 2nd Friday) – Musicians Showcase Open Mic  presented by Heritage Public House. Hosted by Gary Violin. Great Stage, Pro lighting, Prize Giveaway. 21 yrs + Food served until 9 p.m.   To schedule performance contact: redviolin77@hotmail.com  707-481-8378 Location: Heritage Public House 1305 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, CA Time: Show 7:30 p.m./ Auditions 6 p.m.

November 11th, West End Small Dog Hour at 10 a.m.– A slower, downsized environment for the smaller dog to play in. A great time for small dogs to meet with other small dogs to romp without concern. The West End Small Dog Hour is held the second Sunday of every month right before the W. E. Poodle Party. Rain will cancel the event. Organized by West Ender Lea Barron-Thomas Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park  DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park Fans

November 11th, West End Poodle Party at 11 a.m. Calling all social Poodles!… it’s time to party. The West End Poodle Party is held the second Sunday of every month. All Poodles, Poodle fusions and Poodle friendly dogs are invited to attend. Rain will cancel the event. Organized by West Ender Lea Barron-Thomas. Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park  Facebook

November W. E. Poodle Party

Neighborhood Watch is the most effective and least expensive tool for ensuring the safe environment that we all want for our families. This is homeowner’s insurance that works! Do you have a crime to report? Post it on our Facebook page so the whole neighborhood hears about it. http://www.facebook.com/groups/45503934491  

Betsy Hall Ph.D , MFT is a West End Neighborhood Sponsor

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