Halloween Parade, Thriller, Haunts and Qigong

Oct 30, 2012 in Entertainment, Events, Miscellany

The GOOD news? Tomorrow’s Halloween! The BAD news? It might rain… so prepare for possible showers or rain…. perhaps a warmer, weather proof costume is in order?
Tomorrow, Oct. 31st 5:45 p.m.- West End Halloween KIDS Parade and the Thriller dance is still scheduled. (Heavy rain will cancel.)  There will be a quick Thriller practice and time to mingle before we start the festivities. Keep an eye on FACEBOOK for late-breaking news.

Shall we Thriller? Let’s do!

October 31st, Wednesday. West End Halloween KIDS Parade. Location: Meet up at Boyce and Coulter Street Time: 5:45 This year… we will do the Thriller Dance (see below) before the parade. Meet up early for photos, get a noise maker. Watch the facebook page for latest breaking news and updates.  P.m.

Hey everyone,
Here is a link to tutorial video to give you an idea. The very beginning intro of the song we’ll be coming out from the crowd (vs lying on the ground like she does) and meet in the middle to actually start the dance (when she does the zombie walk). I’ll just be teaching up to 1.54 (on the video) and then we’ll repeat a section. I’ve modified a couple of the more intricate choreography parts so it will be a little easier for everyone. If you watch this once or twice (just the first section up to 1.54) it’ll help you be familiar.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qt3cys8NOo&feature=related   Remember kids, dancers/non dancers- all are welcome!
See you on Halloween!   Katherine Gallagher

Michael Jackson Thriller Dance

Seattle Thriller Dance

Nearby Haunts:

October 12th– 31st– Blind Scream Haunted House. Open for 12 bone chilling nights Location: 2150 Blue Bell Drive Times: See website hours, days and for tickets  http://blindscream.com/blindscream.shtml

October 1st- 31st. Wicked West Ghost Town. A wicked light show around a ghost town façade, a haunted house maze. Also offers child friendly evenings. Free. Location: 472 Jose Ramon Ave. Times: See website for days, hours and info http://www.srhalloween.com

Starts tomorrow! Flying Crane Qigong on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at DeTurk Round Barn. Wednesday October 31st, Wednesday to December 12th. It’s a six week class. (No class the week of Thanksgiving.) If you haven’t signed up yet there is still time. Register through the Santa Rosa Department of Recreation.
(look for the Qigong section) http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/departments/recreationandparks/programs/Pages/default.aspx

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