S.R. Intnl. Film Festival in West End & RR Square

Sep 10, 2012 in Entertainment, Events, Miscellany

This is the first time SRIFF events are being held in the West End Neighborhood and Historic Railroad Square.  The Festival’s films include World Cinema, U.S. Cinema, Arts in Film, Music in Film, CineLatino, Cinema of Conscience (humanity and social issues) and EcoCinema and more.

September 12th to 23rd – The 26th Annual  Santa Rosa International Film Festival.  You can see over 100 Films from all over the world. The neighborhood film showings and other events will be held at the 6th Street Playhouse and the Arlene Frances Center (in the old building across Wilson from Redwood Gospel Mission). Other films and events will be held at the Glaser Center on Mendocino Avenue, the TV50 building and Society: Culture House. Outdoor film events will be held in the vineyards and caves at Deerfield Ranch Winery in Kenwood.

Passes available (for all screenings). Individual tickets are available day of show at the box office. Box office opens 20 minutes before showtime. Cash or checks only.  Purchase online or by calling 707-935-3456

6th Street Playhouse
Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey: Monday, Sept. 17th at 6:45pm/ Bunty’s Tree : Monday, Sept. 17th at 6:45pm/ Upside Down: Monday, Sept. 17th at 8pm/ Danse la Danse: Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 5pm/ Asian Chorus Event: Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 7pm/ Mulberry Child: Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 8pm/ Two: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 6pm/ A Wonderful Day: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 8pm/ Dolphin Boy: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 8pm

Arlene Francis Center (Partial List)   Touch: Friday, Sept. 14th at 6:30pm/ Rumblestrips: Saturday, Sept. 15th at 6pm/ Chasing the Light: Saturday, Sept. 15th at 8pm/ Saraya’s Universe: Saturday, Sept. 15th at 8pm/ Two: Saturday, Sept. 15th at 8pm/ Home: Sunday, Sept. 16th at 6pm/ Turkey Event Reception: Sunday, Sept. 16th at 7:20pm/ Lost Songs of Anatolia: Sunday Sept. 16th at 8pm/ Fambultok: Monday, Sept. 16th at 6pm/ The Desert of Forbidden Art: Monday, Sept. 17th at 8pm/ Garden in the Sea: Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 6:30pm/ Guillermo Oyaguez Montero: Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 6:30pm/ Why Waldorf?: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 7pm/ Teacher: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 7pm/ Teaching Film Program: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 7pm/ Who Bombed Judi Bari?: Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 8:15pm

Vest Fest “Celebrate our Vets” on September 16th, Sunday at Glaser Center 547 Mendocino Ave. Special event that includes parade, films, panel discussions and art.

For more info, visit their website at: http://www.sriff.org

A few examples:

Pliny Brian Zust 12 min
Not a single, not a double but a triple IPA. Released only once a year this beer has the world racing to get a taste before the taps run dry. USA
Thursday September 13 6 pm Glaser Center


Why Waldorf? Paul Zehrer 15 min
Probably everyone knows someone whose child has attended a school that ascribes to the Waldorf system. But what  exactly are the tenets of Waldorf education?  U S A
Wednesday September 19 7 pm  Arlene Francis Center

Why Waldorf?

Mulberry Child Susan Morgan Cooper 85 min
Lisa Xia was born in China but moved to Chicago when she was three. She is thoroughly Americanized. Her mother feels maybe she is too American not giving enough respect to her mother and to her heritage as well. She fixes this through story telling. China/USA
Tuesday September 18 8 pm 6th Street Playhouse

Mulberry Child

Who Bombed Judi Bari? Mary Liz Thomson 94min
A news anchor reports while graphic news coverage of a terrorist car bomb attack in 1990 in Oakland, CA is shown. Two Earth First! activists are immediately blamed by the FBI for bombing themselves. We learn that the victim/suspects Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney have later sued the FBI and Oakland Police and that Judi Bari is now dying of cancer before her case goes to trial.
Wednesday September 19 8:15 pm Arlene Francis Center

Who Bombed Judi Bari?

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