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Sep 20, 2012 in Bocce, Entertainment, Events, Miscellany

This Friday, September 21st, is the last night for West End’s Summer Bocce. We will take our traditional yearly photo… so come early if you would like to be in it. Bring food/drink to share. Kid and dog friendly. Hope to see you there!

Last Bocce Night 2011

Cat Owner Alert– Neighbor on W. 8th Street reports: We have been fostering a young cat with four kittens.  Today she tested positive for feline leukemia.  If you have outdoor cats please consider having them vaccinated.  Since the incidence of leukemia is not all that common, it means we have a local cat spreading it.  Thank you.  Susan Chunco

The Arlene Francis cafe is now open. Panini’s, fresh salad, espresso drinks, yerba mate, keifer water, kombucha, local cured meats, cheeses, fruit, breads, delicious vegan options are offered. 9 a.m. to 4:40 p.m.,  7 days a week! (Dog friendly too!)

The 26th Annual  Santa Rosa International Film Festival continues until Sept. 23rd.  You can see films right in the neighborhood… see below for an example of what is playing at the Arlene Francis Center on Saturday. Individual tickets are available day of show at the box office. Box office opens 20 minutes before showtime. Cash or checks only.  Purchase online or by calling 707-935-3456 For more info, visit their website at:

Sat. Sep 22, 2012 @ 11:00 AM    Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa Women with Cows
Sweden 2011 (58 minutes) Directed by Peter GerdehagIn Sweden two elderly women bicker over the family cows. One sister, Ingrid, has chosen a more normal trajectory, married and had children. The other sister, Britt, stayed on the ancestral land to take care of the cows. Due to a bovine related injury, she tends the herd with extreme difficulty bent over double. She loves the animals, names them and even sleeps with them. Ingrid chides her sister, who is older by one year, urging her to give up her attachment. But even while complaining she will help on the run down property. There is a firm bond between the two iron-willed women.In this remarkable documentary, the visuals are stunning. The quiet, bucolic beauty of nature is photographed exquisitely. Considering the unlikely subject matter, this is a fascinating presentation.

Sat. Sep 22, 2012 @ 1:00 PM  Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa ENVIRONMENTAL FILM PROGRAM
(107 minutes) 3 Shorts in Program: The Next, Best West, Bhutan:Land of the Black Necked Crane, Hot Afternoons Have Been In Montana Focus: Drama, Environmental, News, Social Issue, WesternAn EcoCinema group of films about environmental issues.

Sat. Sep 22, 2012 @ 3:30 PM Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa The Greenhorns
USA 2011 (50 minutes) Directed by Severine von Tscharner FlemingThe Greenhorns documentary film, completed after almost 3 years in production, explores the lives of America’s young farming community – its spirit, practices, and needs. It is the filmmaker’s hope that by broadcasting the stories and voices of these young farmers, we can build the case for those considering a career in agriculture – to embolden them, to entice them, and to recruit them into farming. The goal is to get more young farmers instead of more older ones. Farming is very important to the creators of the film and if you see the film you will understand why. It is important in today’s world to make sure that there are enough farmers or there will not be enough food for future generations. Come around 9:30PM ISH for LOCAL REGGAE band DyaTribal.

Neighborhood Watch is the most effective and least expensive tool for ensuring the safe environment that we all want for our families. This is homeowner’s insurance that works!

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