BoDean Asphalt Co. at S. R. Design Review

Sep 18, 2012 in Development & projects

On Thursday, September 20th , the BoDean Asphalt Company’s project will be heard by the Design Review Board. Location: City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Conference Room 7  Time: Meeting starts at  2:00 P.M. but item may not be heard until much later.

The proposed Asphalt Silos provide a desirable environment for visiting public and neighbors. Really?

To approve this request for a variance, the DRB must find: That the design and layout of the proposed development is of superior quality,   it  will not interfere with the use and enjoyment of neighboring existing or future developments, will provide a desirable environment for its occupants, visiting public, and its neighbors through the appropriate use of materials, texture, and color, and would remain aesthetically appealing and be appropriately maintained; and will not be detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare or materially injurious to the properties or improvements in the vicinity.

 If you would like to give input, you are encouraged to submit written comments and recommendations prior to the public hearing. Comments and questions may be directed to Bill Rose, Senior Planner, Department of Community Development, City of Santa Rosa, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 3, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, telephone 707-543-3253 or e-mail:

Notice of Public Hearing

DRB 9/20/12 Agenda

Staff Report

More Info at: Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods

Parents Concerned about the BoDean Asphalt Co. Facebook

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