BoDean Asphalt Company Update

Jul 25, 2012 in Development & projects, Miscellany

What’s the latest on BoDean Asphalt Company?  Here’s everything you might want to know (but were afraid to ask).

The BoDean Company viewed from Cleveland Ave.

City of Santa Rosa has approved BoDean’s expansion: Many are aware that on June 19th, City Council members Mayor Ernesto Olivares, John Sawyer, Scott Bartley and Jake Ours approved the addition of three huge new storage silos at BoDean Asphalt Company. (Marsha Vas Dupre, Susan Gorin and Gary Wysocky listened to resident’s concerns and were in favor of an Environmental Impact Report.)

Take Action- Give Input! Report! Communicate!

BoDean is now going through another permit process and your input is needed by July 27th!: Bay Area Air Quality Management District  has asked for citizen input. If you would like to comment on BoDean’s application to operate three new hot mix asphalt silos. Send your comments to BAAQMD Engineering Division re: BoDean Company (A/N 23889) Attn: Xuna Cai at email
 BAAQMD Report on Bodean application

  Public Notice regarding new source of air pollution- BoDean Permit # 23889

Lawsuit Filed: Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods, an unincorporated association of numerous concerned Santa Rosa residents, filed a lawsuit in the public interest to enforce the state California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the City of Santa Rosa’s Code. Lawsuit Details Citizen’s for Safe Neighborhoods has a new website that provides information about this important issue:

Parents Concerned about the BoDean Asphalt Plant: Join the discussion of facebook

Burning Rubber Smell?

Do you smell stinky air? That’s BoDean Asphalt plant. Don’t suffer in silence- CALL the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) . Here’s how:

  • Call   1-800-334-6367 24 hour hotline
  • Give them the name of BoDean Asphalt Plant in Santa Rosa, plant #13584
  • Describe the smell and any physical reactions and time you first noticed the smell
  • They will ask for your phone number and may call you back
  • Ask for a confirmation number

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