Back to the Future- it started with the train

Jun 12, 2012 in Development & projects, Miscellany, Neighbor News

 Let’s face it folks, when this city was developed everything was based on the train. Once train service disappeared, Railroad Square and the West End Neighborhood were forgotten and forlorn. To add insult to injury, a gigantic Mall dissected our area from the other side of downtown. Through years of hard work, our area has rejuvenated and now with the train coming, Railroad Square and the West End Neighborhood will once again be acknowledged as the center of activity, events and excitement. (So there!)


SMART to live by the train: The West End neighborhood is the closest neighborhood to the new SMART train station at Railroad Square in downtown Santa Rosa. The old rail yard is now ground zero for first phase on construction which will run from the Codding Town Mall station to the downtown San Rafael station. This month the first of 30,000 concrete railroad ties was delivered by freight train. The voters of Marin and Sonoma approved the hundred million dollar project less than four years ago and construction of the system is now under way. The West End and it’s residents will be soon be able to use the transit system which was nothing more than a dream 30 years ago and is scheduled to start service in 2015.

Train-Photo by Allen Thomas


6th Street Undercrossing– Bike and Pedestrian linkage project is underway. We can look forward to a crosstown connection with traffic lights, crosswalks, bike lanes and improved curbs. For a look at the concept plan- 6th St. Project Fact Sheet

6th Street will soon be open

2012 Neighborhood Newsletter Award- The West End Neighborhood Association Newsletter was recognized by NUSA (Neighborhoods USA) with a national award for excellence in Neighborhood Newsletters. Although the W. E. Neighborhood Association formed in 1984, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that we had regularly scheduled meetings and a newsletter. In 1998, Lea Barron-Thomas became the newsletter editor. In 2008, our website premiered and it features email updates, a newsletter archive, a photo gallery, calendar and other features. West End residents always have access to information about the hood.

Front Page WNA newsletter Feb 1999

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