Round Barn, Streets and the SRPD

May 15, 2012 in Development & projects, Miscellany, Neighbor News

City of Santa Rosa news that involves the West End Neighborhood:

DeTurk Round Barn

DeTurk Round Barn Update: The new use permit for the DeTurk Round Barn is available for your review. USE Permit . Changes include the limitation of 1 large Private event (more than 200 guests) per 30 day period and 1 large Public event (more than 200 guests) per 30 day period. There is also an increased maximum of 500 people. Although the hours haven’t changed, they no longer include set-up and take down. The Noise Ordinance still applies regarding sound amplifying equipment (that includes D.J.s and amplified bands)  to between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday- Saturday/ 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sundays and legal holidays. Alcohol service is required to end one hour before the end of the event.

What to do if you have a complaint, concern or compliment about the DeTurk Round Barn? Call or email Mickey Remy- 543-3285  or email  If there is a problem during an event- you can go to the barn and find  the City of SR event attendant and discuss it with them. Follow up with an email to– it will be added to the agenda at the next DeTurk Round Barn Operations committee meeting. Fellow West Enders, Deborah Crippen, Allen Thomas & Ben Taylor are on the committee.

New Feature Facility Calendar: Want to know what’s going on inside the barn? A new Calendar is located in the DeTurk Round Barn page on the City of SR website. You will also find information on rates: Monday – Thursday $125.00 per hour, Friday $165.00 per hour, Saturday $225.00 per hour &  Sunday $175.00 per hour. Possible additional fees may apply.

Street and sewer improvements:

6th Street Undercrossing– This project was scheduled to start on Monday, May 14th. Improvements will include roadway, sidewalks, lighting, bike lanes and a traffic signal. It is anticipated to take 26 weeks. Questions or comments to David Vandeveer, Public works- 543-4521 or The project was recently mentioned in the Press Demo- S. R. begins Sixth Street Undercrossing

6th and Davis Sewer Improvements– Sewer and Water improvements are slated to begin this month at 6th & Davis. This project is anticipated to last approximately 2 weeks. This is part of the City of SR Capital Improvement Program that replaced aging water and sewer systems in older neighborhoods. Wilson and 6th Streets are slated for the same improvements this fall. Questions or concerns to Tracy Duenas, Public Works, 543-3952.

SRPD Survey:

Community Survey of the Santa Rosa Police DepartmentThe Police Department would like your input!  Please click on the link below to complete a survey sponsored by the Police Department.  In addition to the on-line survey, 4,000 paper surveys will be mailed to randomly selected residents within the city limits.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas.


Don Taylor's Omelette Express is a West End Sponsor

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