A few fun ideas for this weekend.

Bodean Asphalt Company gets permit to build 3 silos.

Patti Cisco – Chair  (appointed by Ernesto Olivares), David Poulsen (appointed by John Sawyer) & Peter Stanley (appointed by Scott Bartley) were in wholehearted support of Bodean’s new silos. Caroline Banuelos – (appointed by Marsha Vas Dupre) & Curtis Byrd (appointed by Gary Wysocky) voted against it.

Bodean Asphalt in downtown Santa Rosa

CORRECTION– NEW DATE: May 11th, Friday- Spring Variety Showcase. A showcase of Chop’s teen member’s accomplishments in music, dance, comedy, art & more. Location: Chop’s Teen Club 509 Adams Street Time: 5- 7 p.m. For more info chopsonline.com

April 28th, Saturday- New Music and Comedy Venue- The Heritage Public House next to The Wineyard in Santa Rosa Vintners’ Square. Music by  Midori and Ezra Boy playing   from 8-10pm(no cover charge) 70-80s music, Bobby the Greek food- Ultimate Souvlaki plus great craft beer on tap. Location: The Heritage Public House 1305 Cleveland Ave Time: From 4 p.m.- music at 8 p.m.  Facebook

April 28th, Saturday- Baby Seal Club- CD release party. Coop d’État, a Black Tie and Beaks Poultry Formal, where people-sized hens and roosters will get down in our custom Hopmonk Human Hen House™ (Baby Seal Club’s first “4-H” program), a concept you didn’t know you needed to experience but strangely can’t miss now. $12 admission / $20 with shiny new CD. Ticket Prepurchase. Location: Hopmonk Tavern 230 Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol  Time: 8:30 pm  door, BBS at 10:30 Facebook


COOP d'etat

Artist and Performers : Are you a West End performer, artist or other talented individual? Don’t be shy! Share your performance dates and events with the neighborhood. We want to support you. Contact Lea Barron-Thomas at  westend @sonic.net