Bunnies, Cats and Chicks. Oh my!

Mar 16, 2012 in Animals, Lost Pet, Miscellany, Neighbor News

Time for the West End’s monthly Animal Friendly email. This one covers dogs, bunnies, cats and even chickens… so if you are not an animal lover you will want to avert your eyes. The rain has canceled at least two Dog parties at DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park this month but we could use the rain and luckily some dogs just love to get muddy. 

March 18th, Sunday- Pug Play Day. Imagine delightful pugs cavorting and snorting. Pug Play day meets the 3rd Sunday of every month. Rain cancels the event. For more info:http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthBayPugs   Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park 819 Donahue Street Time: 3 p.m.

West End Small Dog Hour– A slower, downsized environment for the smaller dog to play in. A great time for small dogs to meet with other small dogs to romp without concern. The West End Small Dog Hour is held the second Sunday of every month right before the W. E. Poodle Party. Rain will cancel the event. Organized by West Ender Lea Barron-Thomas Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park  Time: 10 a.m.

West End Poodle Party  The West End Poodle Party is held the second Sunday of every month. All Poodles, Poodle fusions and Poodle friendly dogs are invited to attend. Rain will cancel the event. Organized by West Ender Lea Barron-Thomas. Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park Time: 11 a.m. Facebook

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We're fans!

What’s up Chick? New Chicks recently arrived at Western Farm Center. The newly hatched chicks are stabilized (hydrated and fed) for 24 hours before they are sold. They were peeping up a storm! Do you know what combines a 5% discount, pet food for seniors and Western Farm Center? Their new Customer Loyalty Card! For the cost of $10,  WFC will give a $5 donation to Kibbles of Kindness (a new program that helps to provide pet food to local seniors) AND 5% off all dog, cat and caged bird food and supplies for every visit for 2012 to your favorite locally owned, neighborhood pet/farm store. Now that sounds like something to crow about. More info  at Western Farm Center


Need some Bunny to love?  EASTER is fast approaching  (on April 8th) and after that something the folks at the House Rabbit Society call the “Easter Dump Season”. DON’T purchase a cute little bunny for photos, the holiday or simply the novelty. If you are truly interested in having a Rabbit as a pet- remember it is at least a 10 year commitment. Also, rabbits who live indoors are happier, healthier, more socialized and live a lot longer. You can always wait until after Easter and adopt one from a shelter. For more info on Rabbit Care go to http://rabbit.org

No excuses for unwanted kittens. SpayPAL: a new Low Cost Cat Spay/Neuter program is available to Sonoma County residents. All cat spay/neuter surgeries are just $30 and include a free rabies vaccine. Surgeries are offered every Tuesday & Friday by appointment at the Sonoma Humane Society’s Spay/Neuter Clinic.  Unspayed and unneutered cats are responsible for hundreds of unwanted and abandoned kittens every year. Call (707) 636-1716 to schedule your appointment http://sonomahumane.org/hospital/spay_neuter_surgery.html

SCCRAP On February 26th it looked like there was another dog party at DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park yesterday- there was a group of Pits and their owners. Very interesting- the group is called SCRRAP and they are a group of Sonoma County residents advocating for the Bully breeds. They go for monthly walks to different cities- They had their walk yesterday in downtown Santa Rosa starting off at the DeTurk Round Barn. Very cool group- they promote all the right things- responsible ownership, speaking out against Backyard Breeders, saving neglected and abused pits, and spay and neuter of non-show and non working companion dogs.

SCRRAP on their monthly walk

Don’t forget ! Summer Day Camps at the Humane Society Animal Adventure, Education Camps and Career Camps are  held in the summer. Train a dog, hug a bunny, feed a cat, pet a reptile and learn and discover why animals are such an important part of our lives. Discover a career in dog training or animal control officers by speaking to professionals and learn how to prepare your own pets in case of a disaster. Field trips may include: Assistance Dog Institute, Bodega Bay Marine Lab, Wildlife Rescue and much, much more. Each session is one week (M-F) from 9:00AM – 3:00PM. Sessions are categorized by grade level (for grades 2- 12- grade starting in the fall 2012 school year) with the first session beginning in June and the last session ending in August. Beth Karzes, Humane Education Outreach Coordinator at , ext. 232 or email: bkarzes@sonomahumane.org  or  2012 Summer Camp

What a bunch of turkeys!  A gang of turkeys has been spending time in the West End.  Most recently, they have spent their time on the sidewalks, yards and roofs around Boyce Street.  They really do gobble too!

The turkey trot

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