What’s UP at the DeTurk Round Barn & Park?

Jan 5, 2012 in Animals, Lost Pet, Miscellany, Neighbor News, Preservation & Historic sites

Historic, unique and beautiful-  DeTurk Round Barn and Park is a special place in Santa Rosa, downtown and of course, the West End Neighborhood. Obviously the site has gone through a major transformation but do you really know what’s happening  at the DeTurk Round Barn & Park?

West End Neighborhood Meetings – are held in the DeTurk Round Barn. In the Spring and Fall, neighbors gather to meet, greet and learn about the latest West End news. Quite a stunning place to have a neighborhood meeting!

The West End' Meets at DeTurk Round Barn

New Classes offered at DeTurk Round Barn. Flying Crane Qigong will be offered through Santa Rosa Rec & Parks on Wednesdays at 10 am at the De Turk Round Barn.  This qigong class can be done sitting or standing and will increase flexibility, balance and stamina.    Instructor:  Aleta Drummond MD – practicing Psychiatrist and Medical Acupuncturist with over 20 years as a practitioner of yang style Tai Chi and other various Qigong forms.  Registration available immediately for first class! Weds 1/18-2/8 (4 weeks)  Class 62890  DeTurk Round Barn  18+  10:00-11:30am $46 S. R. residents. To register call 543-3737 or log on to santarosarec.com

DeTurk Class Information

Wondering about renting out the DeTurk Round Barn? It’s a spectacular site for events, meetings and seminars. For more information or to book, please contact Mickey Remy at 707-543-3285 or  rentdeturkroundbarn@srcity.org  The DeTurk Round Barn is open for public viewing most Thursdays from 3:00-5:00pm.  Please call 707-543-3285 to confirm a specific date.  De Turk Rental Rates    Event Photos

The West End Vintage Rose garden– in spite of being uprooted and spending several months in pots- our vintage roses were replanted in their new location. They spent this year re-establishing themselves- and have been under the loving care of our W. E. Rose Garden lady Gina Stateler-Calhoun. The rose garden is bound to be lush and incredible in the upcoming season.

"Georgetown" Rose

DeTurk Round Dog Park– Well used and well loved, the dog park is a social gathering place for neighbors and other dog loving residents. There  is a monthly Poodle Party and Pug Play day held at this great little park. Although the park has suffered with irrigation issues… S. R. Rec and Parks assures us that those have been fixed.   Peja- the Golden Retriever and owners Cherie and Jeremy Kemp live close to the park and cheerfully spend time keeping it in order.  We are fortunate that many dog park “regulars” dedicate themselves to caring for this lovely little jewel right in our own neighborhood.


Aren’t we lucky?

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