Another West End house finds a miracle ….

Jan 31, 2012 in Miscellany, Neighbor News, Preservation & Historic sites

The West End neighborhood has a way of grabbing the creative, hopeful heart.  Owners willing to commit the required time, money and love required to repair and restore our humble houses are a gift to the whole neighborhood. Corner houses have a big impact on the whole block and we are happy to report that another West End House has been smiled upon…..

The Maria Groff house, on the corner of Madison and W. 7th, has been empty and lost for several years. At one time, it had high hopes when a past owner had plans to move the Hoag House on the double lot- but that never happened. It has been neglected, empty and deserted.

Today the home has a new owner who has plans to bring life to the little cottage on a key corner of the neighborhood. As a homage to the BEAUTIFUL Valley Oak tree in the yard, the new owner calls it, “The Acorn”. The original historic house, that is quite tiny, will be preserved while an ample addition will make it roomy enough for a lifetime neighbor.

A new foundation

Last Monday, the original house was securely placed on its new foundation, while the new addition’s foundation is also in place. Keep an eye out … because it is quickly transforming. This little house will be a proud abode and it promises to be creative, musical and amazing.

This house promises be filled with whimsy, music and creativity

All of our houses are important, but when a corner house is rehabbed… it can make a remarkable impression. Can you remember the “before & after” of the properties located at W. 8th and Donahue? NW corner of Hewett and Madison? NW corner of Hewitt and Trowbridge? They are recent examples of homes that were fortunate enough to have new owners that were willing to rehab, restore and thereby favor the whole West End Neighborhood with their renovation.

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