Late December News

Dec 29, 2011 in Crime Alerts, Miscellany, Neighbor News, West End Artists & Performers

Mark Adams from TLCD Architecture, the designer and lead architect of the DeTurk remodel, has suddenly passed at the end of November.   You  may remember him from meetings during the remodeling process.  A Celebration of Life for Mark Adams will be held December 30th, at 5pm at the DeTurk Round Barn.  Press Democrat      Celebration of Life for Mark Adams

Mark Adams, center, at DeTurk Barn opening

Mark Adams, center, at DeTurk Barn opening

William Smith, artist/printmaker and a West End resident, will be creating the Bohemian’s New Year’s cover. The theme is “End of the World”… it will be interesting! Will is also a selected artist in the Sonoma Valley Museum of Arts upcoming show, “Undiscovered”. From the SVMA website: Sonoma County is rich in innovative artists that practice creativity and inspiration in diverse and dynamic ways. Michael Schwager, Gallery Director and Professor at Sonoma State University and Kate Eilertsen, Executive Director for SVMA, have chosen five artists who live and work in Sonoma County whose work has not been seen in galleries or museums and who have not been given the attention they deserve. Cathy Ellis, Peter Hassen, Ryan Lely, William Smith and Esther Traugot will present their work in this lively exhibition.   The who runs January 14th- March 18th at  Sonoma Valley Museum of Art 551 Broadway Sonoma, CA 95476

DeTurk Round Barn by William Smith


Ananta, multi-talented musician and hula-hooper, invites you to her standing Tuesday evening gig called “Music, Meditation and Stillness”- a music induced meditation. This hour long meditation session will begin with 20 minutes of calming cello dropping us into 20 minutes of silent stillness and ending with 15 minutes of soothing yet awakening violin. Location: dhyana Center Educational Loft 186 North Main Street, Ste. 250 Time: Every Tuesday evening from 6- 7 p.m.

Call for Artists: Artist Billboard Project in Santa Rosa In the spirit of phantom galleries, the Artist Billboard Project aims to place artwork in vacant spaces around Santa Rosa. Instead of occupying vacant buildings, this project will place artist designed and fabricated billboards in empty lots throughout the city on a temporary basis. Finished works will be installed in available locations as determined by the City of Santa Rosa. For the full RFQ   Application Deadline is January 31st, 2012.

Call for Artists: National Arts Program Exhibition & Competition The City of Santa Rosa is proud to announce the 9th Annual National Arts Program Exhibition and Competition. The Call to Artists is open to all City of Santa Rosa residents, city employees and relatives of city employees.   For more info: Entry Deadline: January 9, 2012

Santa Rosa hires community engagement coordinator By Kevin McCallum The Press Democrat

Neighborhood Watch Updates:

Graffiti report: Neighbor reports that their truck was tagged while parked on the street. (See photo). This new tagger has been causing quite a bit of trouble around here.

Graffitti on W. 8th St.

Uninvited Guest Report: W. 6th Street neighbor reports that they found their garage door flung open and inside, on the floor, was a large, dirty windbreaker jacket. Evidently, somebody entered the garage but it was unclear if anything had been taken. This long term resident always keeps their garage door closed, but unlocked. That will now change.

12/13/2011 05:44 pm Boyce St./Donahue St.   SUSPICIOUS VEH OCCUPIED Case number: 113470304

12/19/2011 05:15 PM. Ripley St./Scott St. Suspicious person Case number: 113530220

12/23/2011 10Th Street/Cleveland Ave. 08:50 AM 08:50 AM. SUSPICIOUS PERSON Case number: 113570047

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