W. E. Neighborhood Watch- Upper W. E.

Nov 28, 2011 in Crime Alerts, Neighbor News

Neighborhood Watch is the most effective and least expensive tool for ensuring the safe environment that we all want for our families. This is homeowner’s insurance that works!

Neighborhood Watch works!

Disturbance of the Peace- Ripley Court area. Upper West End reports a number of large parties over the weekend. On Saturday the police responded numerous times, with people dispersing then returning to continue after police left. There was apparently a large fight (that was around 2:00 AM). Noisy Revelers parked on nearby streets, arriving and leaving until very late.
This is not the first time Upper West End has been disturbed by activities at Ripley Court, but this seems like an escalation. As neighbors, we must work together to resolve this issue. Neighbors are asked to call the police immediately to report suspicious or disturbing activities- 528-5222. Also, if you witnessed or have additional information about this situation please let us know: westend@sonic.net

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