Crime Report- Bike & Break in

Oct 22, 2011 in Crime Alerts, Miscellany

Two reports came in today… limited information available at this time. Will report more info when & if available. In the meantime, use this info to raise the awareness around the neighborhood.  

October 22nd, Saturday– At CHOP’s -Male suspect pulled out bolt cutters and tried to steal one of the Teen Club members bike. This was in broad daylight right in front of the front door. Luckily a supervisor saw him and confronted him. In doing so….. Saved the bike, but the man ran off into the neighborhood. The supervisor did call the police to let them know about the suspicious behavior and to give them a description of what he looked like.

October 18th, Tuesday, 6:50 pm –  Burglary, breaking and entering. 3XX Decker St. DECKER ST

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