Crime Report- Burning Man Tricycle stolen

Sep 6, 2011 in Crime Alerts

This is a bummer… but seems like it should be an easy thing to spot. Be on the look out!

Hi I was hoping you could print a crime report for me.  My Burning Man Tricycle was stolen from my gated back yard.  It was a funky blue tricycle with fake black fur glued to the seat, red sequin fabric on the bar that connects the two wheels, a license plate from Jalisco Mexico on the back, two baskets- the one in front was black and newish, the one in the back was white, and there were some crazy black and red fuzzy spiders on the basket.  The tricycle isn’t really worth anything except to me.  It was taken from my back yard on 10th and Ripley.  If you see it my number is 707-321-7786

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