9th St. Mural, Regatta videos

Sep 30, 2011 in Events, Miscellany, Neighbor News, Videos

September is almost gone… but we had a great month. The 9th Street Mural has brightened up the path between St. Rose and West End Neighborhoods. The Great West End and Railroad Square was fabulous. Videos and photos for you to enjoy:

9th Street Community Mural: 2 years of work went into making the mural a reality. The Mural Committee members: Denise Hill from St. Rose Neighborhood & Sher Ennis and Lea Barron-Thomas from West End Neighborhood started the project in the Summer of 2009. This video shows that 2 years in about 2 minutes:  VIDEO



The Mural was funded by a City of Santa Rosa CAB grant. Mario Uribe created the design. ArtStart  was on hand to train the volunteers to use the stencils. We would also like to thank: Friedman’s for graciously donating all the paint. The Coffee Girls for providing delicious coffee to our hardworking volunteers.   Our wonderful community volunteers: Ellen Nanni, Roberto Vargas, Rubi Lopez, Ed Lopez, Ana Lopez, Deisy Vargas, Maribel Castellanos, Brigitte Carter, Vince Harper, Amy Staten-Custodio, Tom Hermans, Jann Samuels, Joe Lilienthal, Kim Hall, Roxanne Trujillo, Jennifer Watson, Karen Spencer, JoAnne Cohn, Yukary Torres, Adan Rodriguez, Hannah Bartee, Guy & Carol Dean, Deborah Crippen, Fred Dodge, Patrice Galvin, James C. Gimenez, Ken Pinney, Jeff Tayle, Anna Michnicka, Evan Osborn, Karen Morgan, Alex Morgan, Marilyn Hughes, Dave Drake, Betsy Hall, Gene Wright Ken Risling, Kate Sholl, Jeff & Lee Finkle & Allen Thomas. ArtStart women: Chandra Woodworth, Natalie Bertoli. Coffee Girls:  Terry & Christy

We couldn’t have done it with out you! THANK-YOU!

For more photos go to 9th Street Community Mural.


A place to walk

A place to walk

2011 Great West End and Railroad Square Handcar Regatta: This video will give you a 3 minute sampling of this year’s spectacular Regatta: VIDEO. Our website now features two 2011 Regatta Galleries.

2011 Regatta photos by Ben Rosales features awesome photos taken by Ben Rosales.  Ben has photographed many West End events and we would be happy to give him an excellent recommendation.


2011 Great West End/Railroad Square Handcar Has many photos of West Enders and friends.

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