Crime Alert

Jul 8, 2011 in Crime Alerts, Miscellany, Neighbor News

Hey Folks, this isn’t a major crime…. but be aware that there are people out there trespassing and stealing things. Neighborhood Watch means keeping your ears and eyes open and recognizing when something isn’t right…. a suspicious person or activity. Get to know your neighbors, exchange phone numbers and discuss a plan for suspicious activity. Also let your neighbors know when there are changes to your property… such as “We’ll be out of town- but you’ll see someone new in the house because we have a house setter” etc. If a crime has occurred… don’t keep it to yourself…. let neighbors know! Forewarned is forearmed.
A Boyce Street neighbor reports: Hello West End, I wanted to report a minor crime and not sure where to post this info.  My license plate was stolen on the night of July 1 from my car parked in drivewayon the 200 block of Boyce.  Reported to police but they didn’t care.  FYI in case others have similar problem.

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