Imagine our kids walking to school!

Apr 11, 2011 in Miscellany, Neighbor News, Public Meetings

In our history, West End neighborhood children were always able to walk to a nearby school. Today our children today are often driven to schools and sometimes the schools don’t offer the programs, classes and outlooks that we desire for our children. Take an hour or two this Wednesday night… to do something about it.

Paul Pasero Jr. class in 1925

Paul Pasero Jr.'s class in a neighborhood school- 1925


April 13th, Wednesday. 5:30 to 8:30. West End Charter School- SRCS Board Presentation Please join in and show your support for the West End Charter School. Based on the success of the Santa Rosa Charter School of the Arts, we are trying to convince the School Board to create another dependent charter in the West End. We will be presenting the petition that has been circulating and speaking during the public comments section- Please come and show your support, even if you aren’t planning on speaking- Bring your… kids and bikes! We want to make a positive and enthusiastic presentation! If you are not a parent-tell why having a Charter School is important to you as a home owner, business owner, community member, educator etc. We want lots of different points of view and voices. For details and info West End Charter School-SRCS Board Presentation Contact Tory Paul for info, to sign the petition or to let her know you will speak at the meeting. The West End would like to thank Tory for all her work to help give our neighborhood kids an incredible school.


West End Charter School

West End Charter School






Folks, if you live in the West End, you know what an incredible amenity this would be for our children and their parents. This is an important meeting… invest your time to give West End kids a school unique, excellent school within walking distance. That’s what small downtown neighborhoods have always had- we should have it too.

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