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Apr 4, 2011 in Animals, Lost Pet, Events, Miscellany

April 10th, Sunday at 11 a.m.  West End Poodle Party at DeTurk Round Barn Park- The Poodle Party is held the second Sunday of every at 11 a.m. Watch pretty Poodles prance, perform and play. Quite a sight! All Poodles and Poodle-friendly dogs are welcomed. Drinking water is available. Seating is limited.

Elegance on 4 legs

April 17th, Sunday at 3 p.m.- Pug Play Day at DeTurk Round Barn Park. The only thing cuter than a Pug… is 20 pugs. Check out Pug Play day the 3rd Sunday of every month.


Pug Play Day

Pug Play Day

DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park– Many dogs and their owners are enjoying our beautiful dog park in the heart of the West End. Most of the experiences are good. Unfortunately, there are a few troublesome situations. Dog parks should be safe and friendly for everyone. They are a place for dogs to socialize and exercise. Good communication is key. Common sense, etiquette and the Dog Park rules dictate that dogs are not to be left unattended and that the owner will be responsible and correct (if necessary) their pet’s behavior. That owners will pick up after their dogs. It is also understandable that aggressive dogs and people are not conducive to a positive, community experience at a dog park.  To see the City of Santa Rosa’s Dog Park rules- click here! For a Dangerous and Vicious Animal/Bites: Call the SRPD- 911 or from a cell 707-576-1371 to respond to a situation where an animal has either bitten a person or is menacing the public. You may also file a complaint with the So. Co. Animal Shelter at (707) 565-7100. If you have a dog who has behavior problems… don’t despair. Get help. Animals are not perfect and they don’t come with instruction manuals. Find a trainer or resource to help you resolve the behavior problem.

Not sure what to do with your plastic bags? We can  gladly use them at the dog park. Just place them in one of the mesh bag holders hanging on the fence. We’ll take it from there!

Wanna laugh? Check out the Guilty Dog video. A must see for dog lovers! Click here!

Remember Rocky? He was the dog that endured a horrible beating while tied up to a fence on Wilson Street. He was rescued, nursed back to health and spent some time being trained at the So. Humane Society. He was then placed at at Rotts of Friends where he awaits for a forever home. He has made it through an unbelievable situation, had many people support him and now awaits that final special person to take him home. Check him out: Click here!

Pet Friendly- Lagunitas Tap room. It’s got great beer, good food, music and is Dog friendly. Wish it was in Santa Rosa… but it’s worth the drive to Petaluma. Lagunitas Tap Room

Poodle Day 2011– there is a Poodle Day held every year in Carmel, CA. It sounds like so much fun! There’s many events like a parade and cocktail parties- ALL Poodle friendly!  Carmel is one of most dog friendly cities in the United States. (Hopefully, one day Santa Rosa will also work toward having dog friendly events.) This event benefits Nor-Cal Poodles Rescue. Check it out… there’s lots of time to plan since it’s not until Oct. 1st. Poodle Day 2011



See our photo gallery of West End Dogs at the Dog Park… Click Here!

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