W. E. Crime Alert- Abandoned vehicles

Mar 7, 2011 in Crime Alerts

This is a report from Jennifer Watson, the West End’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator in the Upper West End (North of 9th Street).  Jennifer has done an exceptional job of organizing and communicating crime reports. As neighbors, we all need to work together to be pro-active to criminal activity.  Today’s Alert:

Hi Neighbors.  Two abandoned vehicles were noticed and called-in to the SR Police Dept today (one from 10th St and one from Ripley St).  It turned out that both were reported as stolen. They were both removed (one was recovered by the owners –a bit of good news!).

If you notice a vehicle that has not moved for more than 72 hours or one that looks stolen (missing wheels, broken windows, etc), please CALL the SR Police Dept.  Let’s not let our neighborhood become a dumping ground for stolen vehicles.

To report an abandoned vehicle (no movement for 72 hours and a car you do not recognize):  Call 543-3600, press 1, and then 1 again to report a non-emergency that requires police response.  You will want a description of vehicle and the plate number. They will run the plates immediately and determine if it is stolen.  If it’s not stolen the car will be ‘noticed’ and eventually removed.  If it’s stolen SR Police will be out ASAP to recover the vehicle.

To report a stolen vehicle (car with missing wheels, broken glass, you get the idea): Call 528-5222 and you will reach non-emergency dispatch.  Provide description and plate numbers.

Hope you will all be able to attend the neighborhood meeting on Thurs, March 17, 7:00 pm at the ROUND BARN!      Best,   Jennifer 121 10th Street

Neighborhood Watch is the most effective and least expensive tool for ensuring the safe environment that we all want for our families. This is homeowner’s insurance that works!

Neighborhood Watch works!

Neighborhood Watch works!

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