West End Pet News- February

Feb 1, 2011 in Animals, Lost Pet, Events, Neighbor News

Pet Friendly neighborhood news, activities and events.

February 13th, Sunday- West End Poodle Party. The park will be packed with a herd of Poodles! Great fun. Place: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park  Time: 11 a.m. See West End Poodle Party on facebook

February 20th, Sunday- Pug Play Day. Pugs like to party too. In fact, they had so much fun at their January party- that they held a second January party. See a posse of Pugs at the park. Place: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park Time: 3 p.m.

New West End Puppies–  Congrats to Joan. She has two new Poodle babies- brother & sister as of yet, un-named. Aren’t they cute?



The 2011 West End Dogs and Dog Park photo gallery has new photos for this year. Perhaps your dogs is in it. Check it out!

Animal Lovers are always happy to find a Pet Friendly business, event or activity. Be sure to show your appreciation by becoming a loyal customer.

Western Farm Center, located in the heart of the West End, has always been a fun place to “go shopping” with your dog. Not only do they have a vast selection of pet related products, but the staff is very knowledgeable about any questions you might have. The best part, at least for your dog, will be the treat they will get at the check out counter. Western Farm Center

Railroad Square loves dogs too! – Dog lovers will be delighted when they walk by the Cast Away Yarn Shop . Shop owner Justine Malone has set up a comfy living room scene in her front window where Olive, her adorable Boston Terrier, lazes in front of the “fireplace”. FYI- You won’t see Olive every day- she works only part-time.

Olive in her "living room"

Olive in her "living room"

Pet Friendly CafeKudos to Rendez Vous Bistro. In true French style, they welcome well-behaved canines to dine with their humans on their patio. Rendez Vous Bistro is located at 614 Fourth Street Santa Rosa. Let’s support our pet friendly businesses to show them we appreciate them. Check out their menu- click here.

Anyone need to add some new fur people to their home?–   St. Rose resident, Denise Hill reports: These teenage twins (to clarify, we’re talking about cats) showed up on our doorstep the week before Christmas very thin and cold. We’ve named them Tux and Edo. Not sure if they’re girls or boys. When they allow us to get more personal we’ll find out.  They picked the right foster home since they now have a wind and rain proof outdoor bedroom complete with Thermacare 12-hour heat packs when its super chilly at night. They also get 2 square meals a day. This annoys the heck out of our Calico, Fiona, who spends feeding time glaring at them from our office window – if looks could kill they would be in kitty heaven right now. Later, other cats arrived- the number is at 4 or so. If you’ve been looking for a Sylvester kitty or another purring friend- contact Denise.

Tux & Edo

Tux & Edo

VERY funny! Check out this talented Schnoodle! Click here. Thanks to Tim Sarter for finding this gem to share.

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