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Feb 21, 2011 in Events, Preservation & Historic sites, Public Meetings

The Church of One Tree will open to the public. This renovation/rehabilitation has taken a long time to achieve and is worthy of celebration.  A  few community meetings that may interest you are scheduled for the near future. Spend an hour or two to stay involved and informed.

February 22, Tuesday- Church of One Tree Grand Opening. The City will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration for the grand opening of the Church of One Tree. The community is invited to help honor the volunteers and workers that have resurrected this exceptional piece of local history. Location: Church of One Tree 492 Sonoma Ave. Time: 3:30- 5:30 p.m.  Press Demo

Church of One Tree Grand Opening

Church of One Tree Grand Opening

February 22, Tuesday- SMART Community Workshop on Train Stations. SMART will hold another round of community workshops to receive public input on the design of stations along the new passenger rail line. The Railroad Square Station will be discussed on the February 22nd meeting. Location: S. R. City Hall   Time: 5 p.m.- to 7 p.m. Press Release

Mar 4/5th, 2011 Graywater Workshop Laura Allen, founder of Greywater Action, is coming up to the North Bay to teach a FREE city-sponsored two-day greywater workshop. You must be a Santa Rosa City Water customer and be willing to install a greywater system at your site to participate. Many benefits of enrolling such as:  Pre-inspection and post-inspection within two weeks of course, Free two-day course with Laura Allen (including completing design for your home greywater system), Opportunity to participate in a pilot program to expand greywater awareness and participation in SR rebate program (Santa Rosa is the only city in the county that offers this rebate) and more. We all know this is such an important cause and you could gain a lot by participating–and reduce your summer water bills by irrigating your fruit trees while you wash clothes! Please pass it on! Please call  (707) 543-3985 to get your name on the list as a soon as possible to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! Flyer

March 5th, Saturday- Youth Summit. High School students are invited to connect with organizations near you, peers your age and neighborhoods you know! Get plugged into projects or inspire others to join yours.  Location: SRJC, Bertolini Building  Time: 9:30 a.m.- 3 p.m. Youth Summit Flyer 2011

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