W. E. Crime Alert- car break in

Dec 15, 2010 in Crime Alerts, Neighbor News

This is a report from Jennifer Watson, the West End’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator in the Upper West End (North of 9th Street).  Jennifer Watson has done an exceptional job of organizing and communicating crime reports. As neighbors, we all need to work together to be pro-active to criminal activity.  Today’s Alert:

CRIME ALERT – CAR ROBBERY – Upper West End area (North of 9th)

Hi Neighbors,

Neighbor Russ Toran reports: “At 6:08 am this morning (Wed, 12/15) my car was broken into at 932 Ripley St (at the end of 11th Street.) The Sony AM/FM compact disk player was taken.  My car was locked because the alarm went off, however, there was no sign visible sign of forced entry like a broken window. They must have used those devices AAA uses when you lock your keys in the car. They went through the glovebox and the trunk. Too bad the downtown area of Santa Rosa is like this. This is the second time my car has been broken into to in the the past two years.”

If you see or hear suspicious activity in the neighborhood: Call the Police. Non-emergency 528-5222 and Emergency 911 (on Cell phones- call 528-5222 for both). Also call (or email) your neighbors to report situations or to get backup.    Let’s keep communicating to keep our neighborhood safer!

Sincerely,   Jennifer Watson, 121 10th Street, 568-3735

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