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Nov 12, 2010 in Animals, Lost Pet, Events, Neighbor News

This email is all about dogs.

November 14th, Sunday– West End Poodle Party at DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park the second Sunday of every month. It’s a delightful sight to see Pretty Prancing Poodles parading around the Park! This is a great opportunity for Poodles and their owners to socialize. The weather forecast calls for great weather. We will take a group photo at 11:45 a.m. This is a party for poodles but all friendly dogs/breeds are welcomed. Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park 819 Donahue Street Time: 11 A.M.  Facebook

November 21st, Sunday– Pug Play Day at DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park. Watch cuddly, darling pugs romping and play with other pugs.  Very cute! Location: DeTurk Round Barn Dog Park Time: 3 p.m. Questions?  click here!

Dog Park Update & News– The new dog park has been established and the one thing that is missing is the Memorial Plaque dedicated to Maverick, a K9 who lost his life in the line of duty. Rest assured, since the old plaque had been worn and damaged, a new plaque has been ordered and will be placed in the new dog park with proper fanfare. Date & time to be announced.

Aggressive Dog issue: Dog parks are a place for well-behaved dogs to socialize, exercise, smell and other doggie activities. Many folks who come to the dog park are regulars. They are great owners who are in tune with their dogs and good at communicating with other dog owners.  Dogs have different styles of play and different energy levels. Some dogs just want to chase the ball. Young dogs are learning to how to socialize. It is usually a great experience. There have been a few (very few thank goodness) reports of aggressive dogs at our park. Yes, the rule is no aggressive dogs (or people) allowed in dog park.If you find yourself in a situation where an aggressive dog is bothering your dog or even you- take action and be assertive. React according to the degree of aggression. Try communicating with the owner and alerting them that the situation is uncomfortable. If you feel any threat to you or your dog – leave the park.  It takes a village – so communicate with the other dog owners who use the park to alert them to this potential issue. If the problem dog’s owner gets enough negative feedback, perhaps they will get help to learn how to correct the dog’s behavior or just not attend a dog park.

Did you find leashes in the dog park? 3 dog leashes were recently left in the dog park, if you found them please call Allen Thomas (707) 477-8422

Free Pit Fix: The City of Santa Rosa and unincorporated Sonoma County requires that all pit bulls 4-months of age or older are spayed or neutered. Animal Care & Control offers a limited number of free ‘pit fixes’ each week to residents of these areas. To schedule a free spay/neuter surgery for your pet, call 579-SPAY.

Dog Friendly Places and events: We are on the lookout for dog-friendly events and places. Western Farm Center is an excellent example of a wonderful place that welcomes your well behaved dogs. The CA Welcome Center in the Depot Building in Historic Railroad Square also welcomes dogs and offers dog biscuits and water. Railroad Scare is another wonderful opportunity for dogs and their owners to have fun in a welcoming environment. Let us know if you know of a place or event that welcomes dog and we will pass it along in our next Doggie related email.

This is a "Pet-Friendly" event!

This is a "Pet-Friendly" event!

Doggie Star– Well known West End canine, Mixx was recently featured in an ad by Murnane Floors Inc. Murnane Floors is located in the West End on W. 6th Street and business owner Bob Murnane sponsors the West End Neighborhood Association. They offer a complete selection of natural and eco-friendly flooring materials such as wool carpeting, true linoleum, bamboo, and FSC certified hardwood.

That's one handsome dog!(and the floor is nice too.)

That's one handsome dog! (and the floor is nice too.)

The West End Neighborhood where urbanism, preservation, art and dog friendly people come together! To see photos of some of West End Dogs or dogs who visit the dog park, CLICK Here!