Crime Alert, lost chicken

Oct 29, 2010 in Animals, Lost Pet, Crime Alerts

Awareness and communication are the two tools that we can use as neighbors to keep out neighborhood safe. The following two neighbor reports are an example of communication- the second part, of course, is to be watchful and engaged.

W. 6th Street Burglary- Neighbors Denise & Ben report that their home was burglarized.  Someone entered through a closed, possibly unlocked window- took valuables and exited through a rear door. This happened sometime between October 20th & 22nd.

Bicyclists Beware! West End resident Ken Risling discovered a bare, steel wire strung across Eddie Lane in Sebastopol. This wire was about “neck high” and could have cause severe injury to a bicyclist or anyone else. This happened in Sebastopol… but could happen else where. See full story- Press Demo

Chicken roaming Boyce Street. A little hen is roaming the West End. It spent a little time in Rachel & Carissa’s yard (obviously looking for delicious organic treats) and then flew to the roof next door. If you’re missing your chicken- she was on Boyce Street around 1 p.m. on Friday, October 29th.

Roaming chicken needs to go home.

Roaming chicken needs to go home.

Neighborhood Watch is the most effective and least expensive tool for ensuring the safe environment that we all want for our families. This is homeowner’s insurance that works!

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