DeTurk Dog Park and Pet News

Jul 28, 2010 in Animals, Lost Pet, Events

Alert! This West End email is totally animal related…so if you aren’t interested in animals- avert your eyes now!

West End Dog Park at DeTurk Round Barn Park: Brown Grass: The grass in the new dog park has gone brown in certain areas due to  items have been placed over the sprinkler heads. While the contractor attempts to revive the grass there will be a temporary period of daytime watering- so be patient. Also, please don’t leave chairs, safety cones or other items on the grass once you are done with them. Dog Waste: Although we have waited so long to enjoy this new park, there are some folks that are not picking up after their dogs. (Obviously, most of us do…) Many kids are also playing in the dog park right now- for the health and comfort of everyone, please pick up after your dog… and let’s take the teamwork approach on this- KINDLY REMIND others to do the same. There are no shortage of bags- so there are no excuses.

Tequlia and her 3 friends

Tequila and her 3 friends

West end dog photo gallery click here!

West End Poodle Party- There are plans for a poodle party at the dog park probably in August. If you have a poodle who would like to attend, please email to get on the list. Of course, all friendly breeds and dogs are welcomed.  Contact Lea Barron-Thomas at

West End Feline colony Update: Approximately 30 cats are living in the West End Feline Colony- all cats have been neutered (except two males), given shots and flea protection from Forgotten Felines. Charley Thomas has set up feeding stations. How can you help? 1. You can donate food to Charley- who currently supplies most of the food at her own expense. “Diamond” Naturals is the preferred food and can be purchased at Western Farm Center for a reasonable price. Drop it off on Charley’s porch at 124 W. 6th.  2. Donate to Forgotten Felines- a non profit that neutered, gave shots and flea protection to about 30 cats. That’s pretty amazing- check out their website to donate. Forgotten felines.

Splash Dogs at Sonoma County Fair: Have a water loving pooch? Splash dogs is great fun for water-loving dogs and their people—and even more fun for the audience. Dogs compete for distance, diving from a dock into a 25-ft. pool. The Fair welcomes experienced champion divers as well as novices. Find training tips and lots more info on the Splash Dogs official website. Splash Dogs Info and Registration

Derby Dog Dash at Sonoma County Fair on Sunday, August 8th: If you liked the Wiener Dog Races at the racetrack last year, you’re going to love the Derby Dog Dash.  Derby Dog Dash includes all small breeds, so get your Chihuahua, your Poodle or your Puggle in training now. Derby Dog Dash Info

Rocky the Dog– Rocky is a very special dog and he needs a home. Rocky was tied to a fence (on Wilson Street) and severely abused. Luckily the good folks at Sonoma County Animal Care & Control nursed Rocky back to health and prosecuted his abuser. Today, after several months, Rocky is free of any chronic health problems and ready for the loving home he deserves. Despite his past, Rocky is trusting of people, but needs to be introduced at a slower pace. He would prefer an adult only home without any other pets. Rocky already knows sit, stay, shake and lay down. Let’s give this story a happy ending.   Rocky the Dog Flyer See Rocky News video

Pet Friendly Dining and Cocktails, Sonoma/Napa– Dan Flock and Jenn Maly have come up with an excellent idea. .. a list of  Pet friendly dining and drinking establishments in Napa and Sonoma Counties. This was created out of frustration when traveling locally with dogs in tow, and finding a lot of places are not open to canine clientele. By the way, it’s not a Health department issue if dining outdoors, it’s a choice that restaurants and bars make. So let’s find, mark and spend money at the dog friendly establishments then, eh? Pet Friendly Dining & Cocktails Map
If your West End dog enters the So. Co. Fair Splash Dog or Dog Derby- Let us know! If you have a photo of your dog to put in the gallery- email it to