Alert: Tires “de-aired” in the neighborhood

Jul 1, 2010 in Crime Alerts

A note from W. 7th neighbor, Carol Hasetine-Ernst:

Hey all,

On Tuesday night last ALL of the air in Dave’s truck tires was let out… luckily they just unscrewed the valve stem instead of slashing them! While we refilled we noticed that Dr. Crippen’s truck tires were flat as well. With a quick look around we found a few more vehicles down W. 7th st. had become victims of sabotage as well! Looks to us like some pesky hooligans up to summer antics… just no good for an early morning work schedule!

If anybody else fell victim we have a large air compressor we are happy to share. Otherwise, try to keep a night time ear open for the sound of rushing air or it could be you who next finds themselves a half hour late for work!

Thanks!  Carol

Flat tires were also reported on Prince and W. 6th Street.
Carol Haseltine-Ernst, a Coldwell Banker Realtor,  is also one of our West End Neighborhood newsletter sponsors. Thanks Dave & Carol! We are lucky to have such thoughtful neighbors.

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