Downtown Market, Rosie, Herons & Egrets

Jun 23, 2010 in Animals, Lost Pet, Events

Every Wednesday – Until  Sept 1st 5-8pm Santa Rosa Downtown Market A showcase of the bounty of Sonoma County fine foods, fresh produce, a variety of entertainment, and handmade arts and crafts. Located in Downtown Santa Rosa on Fourth Street from Mendocino Ave to E Street. Please note: this is not a “pet friendly” event. Santa Rosa Downtown Market

Tonight’s Rosie Tour features the “Birds of West 9th Street”. Learn about Santa Rosa on the Rosie Explorer Tours. Tours at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., from the corner of E and 3rd Streets, by the downtown library and Farmers Market. Tours are approximately 45 minutes. On most tours the visitors leave the bus and walk short distances. For more information, call Bill Montgomery at (707) 573-0103.

Baby Birds on West 9th Need Your Help! As many of you know,  Herons and Egrets nest in the mid-street trees on W. 9th Street. Several years ago, they had nested in the trees of the West End for 2 years. A neighbor has forwarded this info:

Hello everybody! It’s still baby bird season for the egrets and herons who come every year to West Ninth Street in Santa Rosa. Though it is part of the fledgling process for many of these babies to fall out of the trees before they can fly, they have little chance of survival in this particular environment. The ones that don’t get killed by cars have to face cats, dogs and humans (sometimes kids can be unaware of, or insensitive to the baby bird’s desperate plight).  One of our two volunteers who regularly drive by the bird’s nesting trees will be unavailable for a few weeks. Therefore we are asking for your help!  Please drive by (as often as possible) and look for white egret babies or brown heron babies who can’t fly yet. The three trees that the birds occupy are located on West Ninth Street. The nearest cross street is Simpson. The city put up orange construction fences around the two trees in the middle of the road and one lane on either side is closed off. It’s easy to find.  Please have a blanket and a box or pet carrier available. You may want to call Bird Rescue to get more information on how to handle the young birds. Or you can call Christine at 707-228-1333.  Bird Rescue Center 707-523-2473 3430 Chanate Road (close to Sutter Hospital)  Thank you to all who can help out!

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