DeTurk Park, Rezoing info, Crime alert

May 24, 2010 in Crime Alerts, Development & projects, Preservation & Historic sites

The project continues to progress at DeTurk Round Barn & Park–   The existing Dog Park will be scaled down to allow work on the Round Barn.   The Barn will actually be raised in the near future.

Project Highlights: Dog  Park A) Finalize fencing/painting B) Irrigation C) Lay sod D) Site Furnishings E)  Grow in period (4-6 weeks) Dog Park opening tentatively set for the week of July 15th. Round Barn: A) Lead abatement B) Basic Demolition C) Pad Prep for shoring   Off-site improvements: A) Start work on sidewalk etc. at Donahue/W 8th.  See the entire site plan  DeTurk Revised Site plan with ADA stall

The exisiting Dog Park be reduced for Barn construction

The exisiting Dog Park be reduced for Barn construction

Crime Alert: There was an attempted break-in at 709 Davis Street- the Kid Street Learning Center building. It was last week around 2am. One of the neighbors heard a loud crash when they looked outside they saw 2 guys and a girl in the middle of the street. The police were called and a report was taken. They broke the window to the basement. Thankfully the windows are double pane and the 2nd portion wasn’t broke. I’m hopeful that the loud noise is what scared them off.    Sheila Accornero   Kid Street Learning Center

Rezoning and Notice of Public Hearing questions: Many folks have had questions about the Notice of Public Hearing they received from the City of Santa Rosa. The Notice, which was mailed to 2000 individuals, was a little vague so if you have questions please contact Jessica Jones.  She has been doing a terrific job explaining to people what precisely is being proposed and how it impacts their property.  Her contact info is or 707-543-3410.

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