A Call for Roses!

May 14, 2010 in Bocce, Events, Gardens & plants

West End gardeners-

The Hennepin Crawler/Krank-Boom-Clank will appear in the Luther Burbank Parade on Saturday and they need lots of ROSES for decoration. Scour your yard, give what you can- bring them to Bocce tonight. For more info on Krank-Boom-Clank- a kinetic industrial arts collective including West End regulars- David Farish, Skye Barnett, & Clifford Hill CLICK HERE!

Hennepin Crawler ready for decorating

Hennepin Crawler ready for decorating

Rumor has it that both the Hennepin Crawler and Todd Barricklow’s Two Penny Bicycle may make it to Bocce tonight.

If you have lots of roses to give but can’t make it to Bocce- email and we will pick them up from your porch tonight.  Email Lea Barron-Thomas   westend@sonic.net

Dr. Deborah Crippon mows DeMeo Park

Dr. Deborah Crippen mows DeMeo Park

Has City of Santa Rosa Rec & Park Department hired new gardeners? No! That’s the West End’s own master gardener Dr. Deborah Crippen taking time from her busy Vet (Lakeside Pet Hospital) practice to prepare DeMeo Park for Bocce Night. You’re awesome, Deb!  Allen Thomas ( Thomas & Co. Consulting) has spent much of the day grooming the courts and will probably be too tired to make it to bocce! Thank you, Allen! Both of these folks are West End Neighborhood Association sponsors. We’d like to thank all our sponsors for supporting this neighborhood.

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