DeTurk Round Barn Park Project Update

Apr 22, 2010 in Development & projects, Preservation & Historic sites

The DeTurk Round Barn project has begun in earnest. This project is scheduled to move quickly with a potential completion date this Fall. As always, this is subject to a variety of circumstances such as weather etc.

DeTurk Round Barn 1970s- courtesy of So. Co. Library

DeTurk Round Barn 1970s- courtesy of So. Co. Library

In the next two weeks you can expect: Dog Park- Grading , fence posts and panels to go up at the Dog Park. It is hoped that the new Dog Park will open (tentatively) the week of May 10th. Round Barn- the glass windows have been removed but the window spaces have been covered for protection, concrete is being removed from the interior. Rose Garden- the roses will be removed and stored until replanted.

More info as it becomes available. Project Architect, Kevin Teel TLCD. Landscape Architect, Mark Bowers, Resource Design. General Contractor, Brandon Gentry, GCCI Inc.

Highlights to park improvements: Restoration of the DeTurk Round Barn.  Dog Park will be more user friendly with dog entry chamber that includes a double gate, new welded wire fence will not allow small dogs escape opportunities and easier to maintain. Dog monument will be moved to inside the entry chamber. New rose garden bed gives roses a better space and improved opportunity for rose admirers.  Bulletin Board will be relocated. New bike racks. Barn and park will have lighting.

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