Crime Alert- stolen car,Animal Cruelty

Mar 9, 2010 in Crime Alerts

Two unfortunate news items- both crime related.

Cars theft on W. 7th Street– Heads up to the neighborhood. We’ve now had BOTH of our cars stolen from in front of our house. Friday afternoon Tait (our son) left the keys to the car in the door of our ’96 Maroon Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon. They drove off in it around 3:15 with a car and a full set of keys. We immediately had the locks changed on our house, but as it is more of an ordeal AND insurance does not cover changing the car locks, we had not yet done the same for the van.  Last night they came back and stole our Previa. That one is a gold, ’97 Previa mini van. It has a dent in the passenger door, but is otherwise in great shape. I’m particularly upset about that one. Please spread the word.  Thanks, Tim

Police Press Releases 3/8/2010

On March 6, 2010, at approximately 10:30 p.m., officers of the Santa Rosa Police Department responded to the 700 block of Wilson Street regarding a subject beating a dog. While en route, witnesses reported hearing the dog’s labored breathing and whimpering.

Upon arrival officers located a dog tethered to a fence. The dog was bleeding profusely from its mouth and head. Officers immediately called the Sonoma County Animal Control who responded to the scene and transported the mixed breed dog to a local veterinarian for care. It was later learned the dog sustained a possible fractured jaw and head and eye trauma.

Investigating officers determined witnesses heard the assault on the dog and confronted a subject who had been striking the animal with a stick.

At the conclusion of the investigation officers arrested 25 year old Santa Rosa resident Todd L. Naus on the charge of felony cruelty to an animal. Naus was then transported to the Sonoma County Jail.