Found Kitten in the West End

Feb 24, 2010 in Animals, Lost Pet

West End Neighbor, Carol Ciavonne found a  kitten on her porch last night (Tuesday, Feb. 24th). If you are missing a kitten, her phone #  is 527-9008.

I have a pet alert. Last night, when it rained cats and dogs, it really did rain a cat onto my porch. It was a drenched and bedraggled kitten, very affectionate. I am wondering if someone has lost a kitten? He seems well fed, and has puffed out.   It looks siamese-y, but not siamese and it has blue eyes, and a long grayish tail. It’s kind of a creamy color but with the siamese face markings. Extremely cute, and very affectionate. I am sorry to say that I am not sure of the sex, but I think it is a boy.


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