Windows and Historic Homes

Jan 28, 2010 in Preservation & Historic sites

It’s a condundrum, how can I increase the energy efficency of my historic home if I don’t replace those old wood windows? Actually, replacement windows are unnecessary because older windows can be repaired and retrofitted without dramatically altering the look of a historic building. Read on!
(Information provided by the National Trust for Historic Preservation)

Original windows are important to retain because they define the character and architectural styles of older buildings. The following frequently asked questions are intended to not only inform and inspire, but to demonstrate how you can keep your old windows, achieve energy efficiency, and be “green” throughout the process.

+ Why do my old windows matter? + Should I believe the hype about new windows being better? + Should I repair or replace my old windows? + Will storm windows help?

+ How do I find someone to repair my windows? + Are there easy, low-cost ways to make my windows more energy efficient? For the answers, click here!

10 Reasons to Repair Your Old Windows

More Window Info

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