West End Neighbor News

Oct 19, 2009 in Neighbor News

West End Neighbors are busy!

West End and St. Rose awarded 2009 Cab grant for beautification to 9th Street underpass. Annually the CAB (Community Advisory Board) receives a budget of $15,500 for community improvement grants. This year, the CAB received 22 proposals totaling over $102,500.  St. Rose and West End Neighborhoods collaborated on a proposal for a grant to enhance the 9th Street underpass and was awarded $5650. The project goals are to beautify the underpass, identify the surrounding neighborhoods and discourage graffiti. Congratulations to Denise Hill (St. Rose) and Sher Ennis & Lea Barron-Thomas (West End).

2008 Cab grant project: The West End Neighborhood was also awarded a CAB grant in 2008 for a West End Walking Tour project. The West End Walking Tour has been completed and is now available CA Welcome Center located in the Depot and in Railroad Square area hotels. The tour, which starts and ends in Historic Railroad Square  highlights the West End’s special history and character. Special thanks to Kernan Coleman, Allen Thomas & Lea Barron-Thomas for their hours of work on this project.

Give us your best shot . The City of Santa Rosa recently completed its First Amateur Photo Contest. Judging was conducted in August with the winning photos recognized at the September 1, 2009 City Council. Two West End winners were:   Cityscape: Allen Thomas (lady running; mural),  Parks: Lea Barron-Thomas (movie night at De Turk). Here are two ways to see photos from the contest:  Slideshow You Tube slide show

Perplexus! The world will now be able to experience the incredible toy designed by West End resident, artist and genius  Michael McGinnis.  Many of use have seen large scale models of Michael’s toy at the Regatta and at the West End Neighborhood Picnic.   Perplexus, once known as Superplexus, is a complex, 3-dimensional labyrinth that can be traced by a ball bearing. It is difficult to describe in words, and is not so easy to understand in picture form either. Perplexus is best understood by picking it up and playing with it. Learning to play takes no time at all. It can be universally understood; there is no language barrier, and it has only one very simple rule- don’t fall off the track! Congratulations Michael and entire McGinnis family! For more info:   Perplexus Sizzle Video Business with Passion: Michael McGinnis

307 Boyce Street back on the market! In one of the most exciting neighborhoods, this charming house on Boyce Street needs alot of work- but has lots of potential. It’s fallen out of escrow twice even though it received 15 offers the first time and 11 offers the second time! Do you know someone who is hardy enough to withstand  the complicated short sale process, skilled enough to work on this historic home who would make a great West End neighbor? Currently listed at $199,000.