Crime Alert- Stolen Bicycle

Oct 1, 2009 in Crime Alerts

A report from a neighbor:

Hello everyone

On Wednesday morning, around 9:30am, a person came into our fenced-in yard and stole a bike while we were home. We live in the alleyway between 10th and 11th between Ripley and Cleveland. The bike is a chromed Ross mountain bike frame converted into a “townie” street bike by fellow west ender Brooks Van Holt of Bicycle Czar. The bike has Continental “town and county” street tires, a black seat with “An-Atomica” printed on it, a red rear flasher, black hand grips, and Bicycle Czar stickers on the neck and front fork. It is a nice bike, not a beater.    Please contact me if you see it around. Thank you  Mike Heaviside     206-7733

Mike's Bike