Aggressive Dogs at DeTurk Dog park

Oct 20, 2009 in Crime Alerts

Today, before noon, one of our neighbors had a very bad experience with a person using the dog park. Our neighbor was walking her dog ( a very well-behaved, socialized pit) past the dog park. She became concerned when one of the three dogs in the park (with one man) started jumping against the gate in an aggressive manner. She wisely chose not to go into the dog park. She walked her dog to the corner of Boyce Street and Prince. At that point, the three dogs had exited the dog park and ran over to her and her dog. One of the dogs ( another pit) attacked and injured her dog.

The man then left and our neighbor was left stunned with an injured dog.

If you know or see this person, he and his dog needs to be reported to Animal control. At this point, an informational report will be taken and the dog will receive a warning for aggressive behavior. He should also pay for any vet bills incurred. This will allow Animal Control to monitor the situation if this dog attacks again. We need the owner’s information to accomplish this.

The man’s description is: white male, approx. 30 years old. Has 3 dogs- 1 pitbull (young, grey & white), and older black lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.   He drives an older american truck with a camper shell.

Animal Control’s number is 565-7100. Choose option to report an animal emergency. You may consider programming this number in your cell phone.

The dog park is a place for people and dogs to socialize.  We have lots of neighbors who walk their dogs in this neighborhood, some of these neighbors have small children and babies with them. Let’s make sure this neighborhood remains a safe haven for dog walkers.