West End Full Moon Tour October 4th

Sep 8, 2009 in Events

October 4th- Discover the Secrets of the West End under October’s first full moon. This event is one of a kind and has limited space. First come, first served. The walking tour begins at Depot Park in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa. Hear the stories of the past and travel to a different time under the full moon of the West End. Immerse yourself in the aroma of freshly baking sour dough bread at the Franco-American Bakery on West 7th Street. This year we will be taken back in time by the Fondettes who perform songs from the Andrew Sisters and other tunes from the 1940’s. The West End where urbanism, preservation, art and people come together.

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Tickets are $20.00 with a Full Moon Tee shirt. Tshirt comes in Black only. Mail size, mens or ladies choice to  moontour@sonic.net

General Tickets are $10.00 without Full Moon Tee shirt.

The 2009 West End Full Moon Tour Tshirt

The 2009 West End Full Moon Tour Tshirt