West End Crime Alert- Upper West End

Sep 4, 2009 in Crime Alerts

Hi Upper WE neighbors.
Russ Toran of Ripley St (near 11th) reports:

Sometime Tuesday(Sept 1st) evening my car stereo was vandalized. It was one of those kind that has a face plate that is removable but the radio/cd player cannot be taken so they took the face plate. I am at fault because I did not lock my car doors. So the message to everybody is ” be very diligent in locking your vehicles because there are prowlers walking around looking for unlocked vehicles”.

Thank you Russ for keeping us informed. This alert will also go to the West End website for distribution.

Be alert of suspicious activity, especially late at night. Call SRPD emergency 911, nonemergency 528-5222.

We would like to thank, Jennifer Watson, Upper West End Neighborhood Watch Coordinator,  for vitalizing the “Watch” program in the Ripley, Lincoln area. Neighbors working together make a difference.

Recent Press Democrat articles regarding area crime:

Suspicious Death at Homeless Encampment- 11th & Cleveland

Dead SR transient identified, Cause still unknown

This is an issue that City of Santa Rosa, SMART, the property owner and the West End Neighborhood need to address.

Homeless Encampment- Railroad Tracks at Cleveland & 11th

Homeless Encampment- Railroad Tracks at Cleveland & 11th