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Aug 26, 2009 in Crime Alerts, Events

August 3oth–  Santa Rosa Marathon will start on Sunday morning at Julliard Park and continue down Santa Rosa Creek Greenway Trail. Expect to see lots of activity down by the creek on that day. For more info on the S.R. Marathon

Crime Alert! There have been two disturbing reports.

Yesterday morning a Roseland University Prep (100 Sebastopol Road) student reported being harassed by a man in a tan-ish van on her way to school at around 7:30am. He wanted her to get in the van. She called 911 and a police report was taken.

This morning a different RUP student reported a similar experience with a man in a black Honda- again on the way to school. This second occurrence is also being reported.

Please remind all students to be aware of stranger danger, especially if they walk to/from school.