Neighborhood Watch Alert

Aug 1, 2009 in Crime Alerts

Bikes stolen, perhaps flag found?

A neighbor reports: Hi there–I really hate hearing about things being stolen lately–here is some more news. #1– I live at 323 Decker and my neighbor–had a bicycle stolen out of his yard three nights ago (approx. 7/29). One of my neighbors observed two men looking into my window about 11:30 p.m. while I was gone–(no car in my carport for a couple of days)–so they kindly put their car in my carport to make my house look occupied!!! It was Carol and Guy Dean that was so thoughtful.

#2–While I was shopping –I think it was Tues–someone placed a flag in my carport!!!! It is one of those wind types still attached to a pole– Is that yours??? I was told by my neighbors that they observed a homeless guy (his name is James–perhaps you know him) sitting on my porch–and there was the flag.

Neighborhood watch is about folks keeping an eye out and communicating. Thanks for keeping your neighbors informed.

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