Medical Marijuana Facility Update

Aug 17, 2009 in Development & projects

Dear West End Neighbors,

A brief update regarding the proposed Medical Marijuana facility on the corner of College & Cleveland. As you know, there was a Neighborhood meeting on August 5th and it was well attended by interested neighbors, property and business owners. The overwhelming sentiment was that the proposed location is not a good fit for this type of facility. At this point, the planner is finishing his report and will send it off to Jeff Kolin, City Manager. It is my understanding that there were a great number of letters received by the planner. I’ve attached his last communication and a copy of the Medical Canabis ordinance.

Thank you West End Neighbors for being so concerned about our wonderful neighborhood!
Hello Concerned Neighbors,
As of right now, I am waiting on one additional piece of information before making my recommendation and referral up to the City Manager for a decision. There is no new information regarding the status of the proposed Medical Cannabis Dispensary at 80 College Avenue.
It is inefficient for me to provide individual updates regarding the status of this project (as there are so many interested parties) so please refrain from inquiring as to the status individually.
When I send it up for a decision, I will send out a notification and when a decision has been made, I will send another notification. Please pass this on to any interested parties who were not included in the mailing list.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Noah

Santa Rosa Medical Cannabis Ordinance