West End-Railroad Square Marijuana Dispensary?

Jul 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

There is a proposal to operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving up to 500 patients in an 1800 Sq. Ft structure which was previously operated as a restaurant. (Old China Light site- on corner of Cleveland and College).

Residents and property owners are urged to review the City code and then pass their comments on to Noah Housh, City Planner Community Development |100 Santa Rosa Ave., Room 3 | Santa Rosa, CA 95404Tel. (707) 543-4322 nhoush@srcity.org

The entire Medical Cannabis Ordinance- City Code 10 (Public, Peace, Morals and Welfare Section)-40 MEDICAL CANNABIS DISPENSARIES.

What you need to know:

1) Decision is made by the City Manager

2) There is already an existing establishment located on the same side of 101 (West Side), on the same Street (Cleveland) approximately a 1 mile away.

3) That the City of Santa Rosa will be responsible for assuring the compliance of the Marijuana  dispensary to all conditions imposed by the City issued permit.

4) Comments must be received by July 8th.

The question is not about Medical Marijuana- but about the burden of overconcentration of social services in one area… especially with the only other dispensary only a mile away.

The City of Santa Rosa has already concentrated many services that cause more than their fair share of issues in this area. These existing services have been directly connected to crime, traffic, loitering and use more than their share of police services. It’s a fact the City has been unable to effectively manage these services so they do not cause issues in the West End and Railroad Square.

If the neighbors don’t take action, this area will once receive another service that no one else wants in their area.