Flowers for Crawler in the Rose Parade

May 13, 2009 in Bocce

Hennepin Crawler ready for decorating

Hennepin Crawler ready for decorating

Hello all peoples of the Bocce Clan,


Us Krank-Boom-Clank doods are decorating our Hennepin Crawler for this weekend’s 115 Annual Luther Burbank Rose Parade! weeeeEEEEeeee!!!

Would y’all mind helping us out this Friday night at DeMeo Park by cutting as many as you’d like to give for us to prettify the ol’ rust bucket of ours?


An early email reply on flower number estimates from obliging folks would help us gauge what’s coming in and manage it better:

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Floral Diversity:
The flowers don’t have to be all roses. We’re equal opportunity blossom advocates.

More importantly, flowers need to last the 15 or so hours from being picked to being handled and wired to the Crawler until noon the following day.

I’m thinking we want to focus on darker red and white flowers only while yellows maybe secondary (and avoid pink, as lovely as they are, I know).


Anyone who would like to help us wire the flowers on are of course welcome. 

It shouldn’t take too long with a small group and would be fun! Plus think of the memories for the grand kids!

We’ll probably be doing some decorating on Friday night after bocce and early Sat morning depending on how much gets done. We have to be finished and ready to roll by 8:30am Sat. morning.

Thanks, all!
Clifford Hill
Dan Kirby
Skye Barnett
David Farish